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Class 1

Mrs Sobey

Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Serena Reeves

Teaching Assistant

Mr Stuart Ellis

Head of School

Mrs Sarah Richards

Teaching Assistant

We currently have Reception and Year 1 working in this classroom every morning with Year 2 joining in the afternoon

To make learning fun, we teach through a range of topics and themes in the Inspire curriculum designed to excite and enthuse the children.   Class 1 have free-range of both the indoors and outdoors areas to explore and learn in.  They also regularly use the environmental area for learning both as separate years and with pre-school.


Mrs Sobey is the class teacher with Mr Ellis providing cover on a Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon and Mrs Harvey on a Monday afternoon.


Serena is our full time TA in this class, along with Mrs Richards who also supports Class 2.

Our Spring Term 2019 topic plan is: 
Our Homework is: