Our Curriculum Statement

“The future belongs to the curious. 
The ones who are not afraid to try it. 
Explore it, question it and turn it inside out.” 


Our curriculum is the heart of what we teach.  It determines and shapes our pupils’ educational experience at Warbstow Primary Academy.  


The curriculum is carefully designed, planned and organised to meet the ever changing dynamics of our classes.  The uniqueness of every child is recognised and valued.  We want every child to feel valued and experience success in a wide range of curriculum areas.  Through the curriculum we can impact on how children feel about themselves, so that they become resilient, courageous and confident learners.


Our curriculum embraces opportunities to support pupils to become thoughtful, outward looking, motivated, collaborative and innovative learners, capable of engaging in their own lifelong learning journey and thriving in a world that is ever changing.  We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a stimulus to our curriculum themes, the goals encourage children to make the world a better place, they broaden horizons and enable children to be aspirational for their futures.


To make learning as interesting, meaningful and engaging as possible for the children, our curriculum is based around curiosity and each theme starts with an enquiry question.  Curiosity is one of our school values, we have an ethos of curiosity running through the school.  Children are active participants in their learning journey and we promote skills in creativity, critical thinking, following a line of enquiry and developing a sense of awe and wonder.


Please see below a curriculum statement that outlines our intent and implementation at Warbstow Primary Academy.

Warbstow Primary Academy
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