Our Nursery Day

Arrival & Departure

On arrival you will be met by a member of staff. Your child should “sign in” (finding their own name and putting it in their picture pocket) the manager will also complete the nursery's register.

We expect all children to be collected by their parents or carer. If for any reason this is not possible, we expect you to have filled in the appropriate form (speak to a member of staff) in advance of the departure and ensure the person collecting is aware of your ‘password’. We will be unable to let your child depart with anyone else unless this procedure is followed. The password system can be used in the case of an emergency but prior notice of a change of person collecting is advisable.

Late collections may be subject to additional fees.

Settling In
We understand that this can be very emotional time for both you and your child. We aim to ensure that your child thoroughly enjoys their time here and that you feel totally involved with their learning. This will be achieved with regular consultations with us. We will keep termly assessments on the progress of your child. It is important to us that you feel able to talk to any one of us at any time.

If your child needs to bring anything special to nursery for example, a comforter or toys, please make this known to your child’s key worker.

Snack Time
Midway through the morning your child will be offered a choice of either milk or water and a variety of healthy snacks, such as a range of fruits and vegetables. If your child is allergic to any fruits, vegetables or other food then please let us know. We use this time to develop counting skills and number problems. It is also a social time where the children can sit and chat with one another.

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