Children contribute positively to the future if they have a secure sense of identity and belonging. When they understand the implications of human activity on the historical landscape and appreciate that mankind can learn from mistakes made in the past. History, is an important subject that can drive a child's mind to learn and take on important issues and facts.
Within our terms 'Unit' planning we explore a key historical theme. Over the sequence of learning opportunities, we aim to capture a snapshot of pupils' knowledge and understanding as a starting point for developing questioning, thinking and reflection.
Often we begin with familiar ideas which resinate closely with a pupils' personal experience in order to make learning tangible and meaningful. This is in the form of a 'Launch Lesson' where children 'live' experiences and examine experiences first hand. By the end of a 'Unit' we aim to have facilitated wider learning so that children have a more global understanding of the concepts and knowledge explored.
At the end of each 'Unit', children have the opportunity to reflect on the journey of learning and are assessed as to their long-term memory fluency.

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