School Uniform

School Uniform


Within our school we promote an atmosphere which encourages effort, enjoyment and a celebration of the achievements of all our pupils. Our concern for these high standards is also reflected in the pride we take in our school uniform and the feeling of belonging and equality it creates. It is our policy that all children wear uniform when attending the school or when participating in an school organised event outside normal school hours, when stated. The uniform is part of our school ethos and in coming to Warbstow Primary Academy, parents agree to support our policy.

  •  Navy jumper with school logo
  • Gold polo shirt with school logo or plain gold polo shirt.

  • Dark grey/Black skirt, dress, trousers or shorts.

  • Blue and white gingham dresses  (Summer term/early autumn term)

  • Black school shoes (No trainers, heels or boots)

 During extremely cold weather conditions trousers and tights are essential. 
PE Kit
  • Gold PE t-shirt with embroidered logo or plain gold t-shirt. 

  • Navy shorts

  • Navy joggers
  • Navy hoodie with embroidered logo or plain navy hoodie

  • Trainers (plimsoles for Key Stage 1 children  if preferred)

  • Navy book bags with embroidered logo (FOWS give all children their first book bag)


Also available:

  • Plain navy PE bag ( printed with school logo, available in the office)


All uniform can be purchased online from PMG Schoolwear.   If any parents do have any difficulties then please contact us for support and guidance.


General appearance 

 Hair styles

From time to time all schools seem to have the recurring problem of head-lice. Children with long hair must have it suitably drawn back. Long flowing hair falling over eyes is not good for children’s sight and it is not conducive to neat work. Please ensure hair is neat and clean, some new hair-cuts may be fashionable, but can sometimes cause unnecessary ridicule in the playground. Tram-lines, Mohawks, dyed hair and braids are not considered suitable by our school.


​​Make up

The wearing of make up, including nail varnish, by children is not permitted, except in exceptional circumstances where agreed in writing, in advance, by the school. 



Children may wear small, plain, stud earrings, and a watch. Children remain responsible for these items and the school will not be held liable for any loss.




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