Outdoor Learning

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just themselves, but the wider world.”
Stephen Moss

There is much evidence to show that taking the curriculum outside can enhance the health and wellbeing of children, as well as encouraging them to be more active. We aim to inspire all children to have a love for the outdoors and their natural world. We encourage children to ask questions about their environment and talk about things they have observed.



Warbstow benefits from a skilled Wild Tribe practitioner who leads weekly Wild Tribe sessions, the sessions can be linked to any aspect of the curriculum or can be topic based. The children learn to manage risks through use of tools, work together through teamwork challenges, gain appreciation and respect for nature and the impact that humans have on the environment and become more confident with raised self-esteem.  



EYFS and Key Stage One:
By the end of KS1, children will be able to use tools / outdoor learning skills with confidence. They will be able to identify trees and plants in their outdoor area. They will have developed a passion for the outdoors and gained knowledge and understanding of the curriculum through outdoor learning.

Key Stage Two:
By the end of KS2, children will be able to select the tools / skill for purpose. Some will have the confidence to demonstrate and show others how to use tools / skills safely. They will recognise the links that outdoor learning has to the curriculum and use this knowledge in their work in a variety of curriculum areas.

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