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The policies and procedures of Warbstow Primary Academy cover Warbstow Nursery.  For a list of statutory policies please click the link below:
Other useful policies can be found at  the link below:
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Bumps & Bruises

Accidents do occur from time to time, despite a safe environment, but you will always be informed if anything happens to your child.  If you child arrives at nursery with a bump or bruise or cut we ask that you inform a member of staff. A record will be kept which you will be asked to countersign. In the event of your child becoming unwell it could be helpful to know whether a bump or knock has happened. It will also offer protection for the nursery.


Medicines will NOT be administered unless prescribed for the child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist and with written consent from the parent/carer:

  1. Prescribed medicinesStaff will administer if your doctor has prescribed it and the parents have signed a consent form
  2. Medicines for known medical conditions: e.g. Ventolin for Asthma. In these circumstances the nursery will need:

    a)    A letter from you as a parent giving permission for the administration of the medicine

    b)    A spare inhaler

    c)    Signed consent form

  3. In the event of an emergency it may be necessary for a doctor to administer medicine without having time to check with you. The nursery therefore ask parents/carers to inform staff of any medicine given prior to him/her being brought to nursery. Parents/carers will be asked to complete a form informing us of what was given. This will allow the doctor to assess for overdose or dangerous combination risks. Please make sure nursery staff are fully informed if your child is receiving medication.
We expect all children to be collected by their parents or carer.
If for any reason this is not possible, we expect you to have filled in the appropriate form (speak to a member of staff) in advance of the departure and ensure the person collecting is aware of your ‘password’. We will be unable to let your child depart with anyone else unless this procedure is followed. The password system can be used in the case of an emergency but prior notice of a change of person collecting is essential.
Late Collection
Please arrive promptly to pick up your child at the end of the session.  It is essential that your child's contact information is kept up to date in case nursery staff have to start making calls.  Please advise us immediately of any priority contact amends.
Promoting Positive Behaviour
Coming to the nursery may well be the first time children have been in a setting away from their parents. They will be learning how to express themselves and learning what is acceptable behaviour. 
If a child is behaving in an unacceptable way then they might be removed from the situation and given time to calm down and talk through with an adult about what has happened and how they are feeling. Children will always be treated fairly and in a friendly manner. A member of staff will explain to them why they were removed and what we can do to help and to stop it from happening again. We would encourage them to apologise.
If a child is hurt while at Nursery they will be comforted. The child will be encouraged to talk about why they are upset and to explain to the other child what is wrong.

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