Religious Education

Children learn to acquire knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the religions and worldviews which not only shape their history and culture, but which guide their own  development. The modern world needs young people who are sufficiently confident in their own beliefs and values that they can  respect the religious and cultural differences of others and contribute to a cohesive and compassionate society.

Lessons are taught discretely following Cornwall’s Agreed Syllabus 2020-2025 on a two-year rolling programme using an enquiry-based approach for Reception to Year Six pupils.

Each half term, a key question for enquiry is investigated. For example: Year three and four children were asked, “How do festivals and family life show what matters to Jews?” whereas Reception were asked, “Being special: where do we belong?”.

Christianity is taught in every year group. Key Stage One also explore the beliefs and practices of Jews and Muslims whereas Key Stage Two continue to explore Jews and Muslims as well as Hindus. In addition, other religions, including non-religious worldviews, are explored throughout all year groups.

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